The Assembly Becomes Nashville SC 2nd Recognized Supporter’s Group

I checked the Nashville Soccer website this morning and there was something new. The Assembly has become the second Recognized Supporter’s Group. The other, of course, being The Roadies. The requirements to become a Recognized Supporter’s Group are amoung other things having at least 50 paid members with half of those needing to hold season tickets. Nashville SC verifies this before granting official status. I personally know people who belong to both groups. Not sure how the club handles those situations. Since it was just added there is no “Vision” listed yet. I’m curious to see how it differs if at all from The Roadies. It’s not unusual for a club to have multiple Supporter’s Groups. It will be interesting to see if more come along and how they work together. Coordination of things like marches, tifos and chants make for a much better atmosphere. The Assembly was started by Jason Petty whom I’m having lunch with tomorrow. I’ll have more to say about Supporter’s Groups after that.

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