Nashville’s preliminary concept design for a proposed MLS stadium at the 117 acre Metro owned Nashville Fairgrounds. The multi-use stadium would be about 500,000 square-feet and hold approximately 27,500 people. With a focus on the MLS match experience, the proposed stadium also has the ability to accommodate other major events such as concerts, family events, and other sporting and civic events. In addition to the stadium, Ingram’s group has been given 10 acres of land to develop around the stadium. This will have heavy retail/restaurant component as there is little there now. I rode around the Nashville Fairgrounds the other day to get an eye on the land. Watch this short video and I’ll explain more below.

If you look at the map below I started the video just left of where the new Nashville SC stadium is located in the picture. Most those buildings will be renovated, relocated or demolished to make way for the stadium. These buildings are old and were built for the State Fair with the main purpose being holding livestock. Which stay and which go I think is very flexible at this point. I then showed the Wedgehill Market which is right across the street. There is a great article here if you want to read how it is effecting the lives of people in the neighborhood here. I then turned left and drove down Bransford towards the blue ridesharing stop labeled on the map. This is where you see residential housing before I turn into Santa’s Pub, one of the few places to get a beer around that area. It’s cheap and the place is always open late (2:30 AM everyday). I’m sure they are thrilled with the stadium location. When I leave Santa’s Pub you see the beginning of the fencing that will be removed along with the one large piece of construction equipment that was moving dirt around. That is the area where there will be a dog park and six to eight soccer fields. Next, I turned left on Craighead driving all the way down to past the racetrack. That entire section has fencing to be removed. Not sure why it is there in the first place? This area will be a much nicer greenway after the round one is finished. By round one I mean the $15 million already approved for improvements to the Fairgrounds in 2016. There was a 3 year timeframe and the city is wise to be waiting for Ingram’s final design before moving forward much.