Nashville SC USL Legacy – Goals at the Death

Nashville SC USL Legacy – Goals at the Death

Update 10/9/2019 – Nashville SC did it again. For the fourth time (3rd this season) a stoppage time goal winner. This was the best yet. Definition of a bullet header as a long ball from Lasso found Ockford for the 2-1 win over Louisville. The video has been added below.

Article as originally appeared – As Nashville SC’s 2nd and final season in USL winds down I got thinking about how it would be remembered. For me, its pretty clear it will be for victory at the death. Last night for a third time Nashville SC got a game winner on basically the last touch of the match. This time an Ockford header went in for a own goal giving the team a 1-0 win over Birmingham. The match was one to be forgotten, but now will be recalled for the last second victory as well as goalie Matt Pickens getting his 100th clean sheet. Just a few weeks ago Akinyode scored in the final seconds to give the team a 2-1 win over Charleston. You can see video of the dramatic win below.

I’d argue the most memorable goal for Nashville SC last year was Ropapa Mensah’s walk off winner over North Carolina FC. The man said it himself after that match, “I have scored a lot of goals, but this is the best goal of my life. Stepping up for my team feels so good.” Others might argue Nashville SC’s USL legacy will be the growth of the club and fanbase. While its certainly true both have grown, it still feels like a lot is being held back for MLS. Whether it’s officially announcing the residential DA at Currey Ingram, where the team training facilities will be built, additional player signings, more advertising, bigger spending on gameday activities, etc. No, the legacy of Nashville SC in USL will be goals at the death. And what a cool legacy for the Music City to have in its brief stay in USL.

Ockford bullet header

Akinyode winner at the death