Nashville SC MLS Ticket Pricing Too High

Nashville SC just released 2020 MLS season ticket pricing! I am super excited, but also disappointed. The cheapest ticket at Nissan Stadium for the first year of MLS is $25 per match. That is over twice what general admission cost for FC Cincinnati in this their first year in MLS. Everyone knows their attendance is great, but even with cheaper pricing FC Cincinnati doesn’t draw 30,000 so I still question the size of the stadium being built and projected attendance numbers for next year. I’ve asked multiple people in and around the front office of the club what they think attendance will be next season and I’m on an island thinking 20,000 is optimistic. They say how both Minnesota and Orlando averaged similar minor league attendance to Nashville SC in their final year before MLS. Minnesota being in the dead NASL and Cincinnati in USL where Nashville SC currently plays – at First Tennessee Park (where the Sounds play) if you didn’t know. In 2015, Orlando averaged over 30,000 in the Citrus Bowl. Maybe they’ll be right, but I think tickets should be cheaper. Especially in a stadium whose lower bowl you are going to tarp off to try and fill at 27,000? The more I think about it the more annoying it is. I guess spreadsheets showed that this will maximize revenue? Is that the goal for John Ingram who spoke at the council meeting about this being his legacy to the Music City? Why not offer endzone tickets for $10 and try to fill the 27,000 seat stadium? Make season tickets for the new stadium at the Fairgrounds a hot item. I really think this is a major mistake and short term thinking.

While I’m on my soapbox, being a Founder of Music City Supporters (who I in no way am speaking for) let me praise the club for offering half price kid tickets. If you buy a adult season ticket you get a kids for half price (in section 145). They need way more promotions like this to have the pricing make sense for building a fan base. No one asked me, but it is also disappointing that section 120 or 127 isn’t a family section. Figure out which way the smoke usually blows and put a family section adjacent to the supporter’s section. This is something LAFC did in 3252 with sections 101 and 107. They don’t have to stand, but can easily participate and learn the cheers. This is great for certain individuals, families, elderly and more. It’s a perfect gateway into getting more SS fans. I’m guessing they are going for day of game sales as there is little incentive to buy season tickets. Supply is currently and very likely next season higher than demand. Other than maybe the home opener and Atlanta (that’s the one game where tickets likely will go for more than face value – or it should. Game in Nashville needs to be a Saturday MLS). I’d like to see partial plans offered now. Historically they break them out a few games in the season.

Having been a season ticket holder this season and last, you can’t even give tickets away to many matches let alone sell for face value. After having spoke at Nashville Council meetings in favor of the MLS stadium for Nashville, I am very concerned with how things are progressing. If they don’t spend big money on the roster and field a MLS lite team like FC Cincinnati, next year isn’t going to pretty on the pitch or in the stands. My opinion at this moment is Nashville SC will average under 17,000 in home attendance in their first year in MLS. I hope I’m wrong.

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