Nashville SC MLS Home Opener Versus Atlanta United Tickets Selling Fast

Nashville SC MLS Home Opener Versus Atlanta United Tickets Selling Fast

Deep South Derby or Sweet Tea Cup? No it doesn’t have a catchy name yet like El Trafico, but Nashville SC and dare I say Atlanta United fans are excited. Even on what could be a cold February 29th, the tailgating should be outstanding. Meat and three, hot chicken and sweet tea will all surely be big themes. Atlanta will bring the most away fans of any match and it won’t even be close. The supporters groups requested 1000 tickets, but surely Atlanta will bring way more than that. If you goto the Atlanta United Nashville SC page on Ticketmaster you’ll notice sections 303 and 304 are listed as general admission. It appears they are going to open the upper bowl for away supporters. Most MLS teams put away supporters in the worst seats in the stadium. It is basically where Seattle had Kansas City supporters when I went to their match last year.

Lower Bowl Corners Open

You’ll also see they have opened up the corners of the lower bowl for this one match. For the other 16 MLS home games the planned away section is 104 and all corner sections are blocked off to keep capacity at about 28,000. In the Ticketmaster photo above, the one on the left was yesterday morning when they opened up the lower bowl for a pre sale. The one on the right was early this morning less than 24 hours later. Given hundreds have sold from this one corner area, I’d guess thousands of tickets have sold stadium wide by now. I suspect a lot more will go when they open to general public tomorrow. Though, a lot of Atlanta fans are buying already.

Group Ticket Strategy

In addition to tickets sold through the supporter’s groups, Atlanta will likely have more fans buying tickets on their own. A few days ago I noticed posts on Atlanta United subreddit claiming to have purchased group tickets for the match. In an interesting strategy, Nashville SC is offering group packages below season ticket pricing. Any group of 15 tickets can be purchased on the sideline or endzone for $5 less than face value season ticket pricing. I’m not sure how Nashville SC is handling these purchases for the home opener. On reddit some claimed they were turned away while others said they were given a group purchase, but tickets were in the very back rows. Still others claimed to just still have or use a friends 615 area code or address to purchase tickets. I suspect it is going to be almost impossible to keep the red and black from appearing throughout the stadium.

Will Atlanta United at Nashville SC Sell Out?

Atlanta fans get their “first” crack at tickets come January 22, 2020. I’ve seen guesses of how many that will ultimately come ranging from 2000 to over 10,000. Given they’ve opened up the entire lower bowl and the third level (at least for away fans) I don’t think the match will sellout. No biggie, as I also think attendance will be over triple their season ticket sales. Enough to where this one match might boost average home attendance for the season by over 1000. Being an MLS franchise opener you know the club is going to go all out. When these plans around the game have been announced and it’s on people’s radar a lot more tickets will move. Nashville is a big event party town. I have little doubt the Music City will show well for the home opener. That large away presence will make for a better in stadium atmosphere and tailgating. I’m looking forward to it.