Nashville SC MLS Crest Launch Party

Nashville unveiled their MLS name, crest and hashtag at a launch party last night February 20, 2019 at Marathon Music Works. It was a nice party and the brand kept the Nashville SC team name (no surprise) and the blue and gold colors. However, there was some controversy online about the both colors. Sara Walsh got things going with a quick walk down Nashville soccer history. Devinder and the Nashville Metros were recognized as well as Chris Jones and David Dill, before owner John Ingram spoke. His best line perhaps commenting on how Nashville has over 100 languages that are spoken and they all can speak soccer together. Next, was a short video before confetti dropped showing the crest. Oh, did I mention Don Garber said a few words. I couple of fans screamed Andrew Gutman. Shortly after Judah and the Lion were playing 2 songs. There were players, coaches, supporters, news people and lots of cameras. All you really had to see were Bradley Bourgeois red shoes to know it was a party. The team gave away a scarf to those in attendance with the brand campaign hashtag #BandTogether. I’m excited to see where this goes. I hope for live music before every home match at a killer tailgate.

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