Nashville SC Atlanta United Match Almost Sold Out

So I logged onto Ticketmaster this morning to see how many tickets were left for Nashville SC historic first match at First Tennessee Park versus Atlanta United of MLS on February 10, 2018. At 7:30 AM exactly. Anyway, as you see in the screenshots the lower bowl is almost sold out. I counted 270 tickets left. The second picture below shows how you just zoom in and my count is certainly very close. The second level had 320 tickets left. That’s not a lot. I emailed asking for clarification from the club on what the exact capacity is for Nashville SC matches at First Tennessee and if it is the same for this match? Also, I guess they could be holding back visitor tickets, but not sure USL requires that and if they do the number? With only 590 tickets left I think the match will be sold out by Monday. Atlanta United fans will surely gobble up the rest. See you in month!

What’s more interesting to me is what this implies about season ticket sales. If I was smart I would have done this the second I got the email saying the single game pre sale for Atlanta United had begun to get a good estimate on what season ticket sales were. Last we heard was over 4,000, but that was weeks ago. I suspect it is much higher now. I guess they are at least 5500 now as they are waiting for a big press release saying how they broke the USL record of 6200 season ticket sales for a first year franchise. The ticket office is still small. I was told after the MLS announcement they had a call back list and could do 250 transactions in full day. This is fine as I’m amazed what a bubble I live in. I talked to a decent sports fan yesterday. He was aware of Nashville SC, but didn’t realized they had a USL team starting play next month downtown. Just as crazy, I spoke to a 1779 Club member that still hadn’t decided if were getting season tickets. This makes me very bullish that in two years demand for tickets will be greater than supply. I’ll update this post once I hear back from club on exact capacity for matches.

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