Nashville SC 1-3 Atlanta United – The Good and Bad of First Match

Nashville SC played its first match at First Tennessee Park on Saturday February 10, 2018. There was some good and bad in both the match and atmosphere. Let’s start with the obvious bad – the rain. While attendance was good at over 9000 fans, if not for the rain the sold out game would have been packed. That said, the rain led to two things we’d have to say were good. The supporter’s section and stadium overhang.

Supporter’s Section Good
– Not surprisingly the section was energized. They were standing and singing the entire match. The rain probably made things even better. The Roadies got the Gold kits they wanted and Justin Davis to drink a beer. Smoke bombs were popped twice. This was a big improvement from the days at Vanderbilt. With the addition of recognized supporter’s group The Assembly, we wish there was a way to add another section already. On a side note, we were also happy to see the Atlanta supporters pop some red and black smoke during the match.

Stadium Overhang Good – We didn’t realize how much coverage the overhang at First Tennessee Park provides. It is a lot. Not just a very wide concourse area to stand if you wanted to get out of your seat, but it also covers a large amount of seats. Perfect for rain and almost as good to provide shade from the summer sun.

The Baseball Netting Bad – This was by far the worst part of the stadium experience. Watching soccer through a baseball net is worse than seeing football lines on the pitch. We assume it was an oversight and future games will not have this issue. If that’s not the case I would want to move my seats for future games if it obstructed my view. I doubt the ticket office told anyone about this.

Ropapa Mensah Good – There is one Nashville SC player we are most excited about and he happened to score the first goal. Ropapa Mensah is just a cool name that is fun to say. Plus at 20, he’s one of a very few players that has a chance to be on the MLS roster in two years. He’s the player we are rooting for the most.

Nagbe Good – USMNT player Darlington Nagbe was MOTM. He was everywhere on the field and controlled the pace of play. This surprised no one.

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