Is Nashville SC Hoping for a ICC Doubleheader at Nissan Stadium with Indy Eleven Match?

I haven’t checked every single one, but if you goto Ticketmaster it appears you can buy single game tickets to just about every Nashville SC home game expect one. Indy Eleven on July 27, 2019 is listed at First Tennessee Park like all the rest, but there is no active link. The tickets aren’t for sale. Now why would that be? I asked multiple people in both the front office and ticket sales and didn’t get a reply. They clearly would be on sale if that is where the club was hoping to play the match. So there is something else in play. The summer date versus Indy Eleven falls during what should be the start of the International Champions Cup. In fact, just two years previous 56,232 fans watched a Tottenham Manchester City ICC match at Nissan Stadium. A record for the state. It likely would have returned in 2018, but according to Charlie Stillitano, USSF didn’t want two big matches so close together. The USMNT were to play and beat Mexico 1-0 in September in a friendly at Nissan Stadium. Tyler Adam’s first goal for the Yanks. So if that was a problem in 2018, could it be a problem again? Nashville is hosting a Gold Cup semifinal on July 3 which could present a problem again. Maybe, but it’s also possible Nashville SC is hoping for a doubleheader at Nissan? It would be a smart move to play in front of what would surely be the largest crowd of the season for the soon to be MLS side. I’m not sure what is in it for the ICC, but clearly they would have to be separate tickets as NSC can’t buy 5000 season ticket holders the best lower bowl seats at Nissan for an ICC match. I for one hope they work something out. It is an obvious way to bring in more fans. The official ICC schedule comes out March 27. We’ll know if the ICC is returning to Nashville July 27 soon enough.

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