Nashville SC Atlanta United Match Almost Sold Out

So I logged onto Ticketmaster this morning to see how many tickets were left for Nashville SC historic first match at First Tennessee Park versus Atlanta United of MLS on February 10, 2018. At 7:30 AM exactly. Anyway, as you see in the screenshots the lower bowl is almost sold

Nashville SC Biggest Rival is FC Cincinnati – For Now

It’s a little odd to say Nashville SC, who hasn’t played their first game, already has a rival. No, it's not Memphis who just got awarded a USL franchise for 2019. Congrats, but Nashville SC will only play them for a year. It will be a fun BBQ Cup though.

MLS 101 – Development Academy And Nashville SC Youth Structure

UPDATE - Nashville SC Building a Residential Development Academy At Currey Ingram One of the most important decisions for the long term future of Nashville SC is deciding on the structure of its youth development. Over the summer the club announced a partnership with the Tennessee State Soccer Association (TSSA) to

Nashville SC Needs Development Academy

What is a Development Academy? Started by the U.S. Soccer Federation in 2007, it was meant to serve as the top tier in U.S Youth soccer and provide a place for elite everyday player development. As of the 2016-17 season, the Academy had 149 total clubs, in five age groups:

MLS 101 – GAM and TAM

In our first MLS 101 we covered MLS structure as single entity, the salary cap and designated players. Here we dive into General Allocation Money (GAM) and Targeted Allocation Money (TAM). What is allocation money? Basically it allows a team to buy down the salary cap hit on a certain

MLS 101 – Single Entity Salary Cap and Designated Players

Major League Soccer rules regarding player contracts are the most confusing and complicated of any professional sport. Even avid fans can have a hard time understanding how his or her club has acquired a player. This is the first of a series of articles that will help try to explain

Will Nashville SC Enter MLS in 2019?

We all knew it was coming the moment Nashville Metro Council voted 31-6 to approve a stadium at the Fairgrounds for a MLS team. Nevertheless, today was a huge party and celebration for the entire Nashville SC family. Lost in all the joy was MLS Commissioner Don Garber's statement that

Nashville SC Rise From Amateur Team to MLS

I fully expect Nashville to have an MLS franchise in time for Christmas. Perhaps even a Chanukah gift this week. It’s just incredible how fast this has happened. Maybe I’ll be wrong, but I doubt it. Don't believe me, then ask Jeff Rueter. I’m not here to argue the good